Major Overhaul Coming Up

I’ve been staring this domain(and few other domain) for few days(maybe weeks). After giving a deep thought I’ve conclude that a major structural of my sites need to be done.

Too Much of Everything Is Not Good.

My friend use to say “Too much of everything is not good”, I tent to find it very true. In this case I have too many in my inventory of servers(dedicated and VPS). This turns out to be an overhead for me. So consolidation and consideration need to be done.

I decided that Nebula, Cloud and SRV will be discontinued. No futher renewal. I’m keeping Rocket and Gamora, because they took only fracture of my monthly spending.

Additional a new service will come alive soon to replace SRV because I can do resale on those.

New Provider for Ayie.Host

Once again I decided to take a notch down since the prices we’re getting on to do sales is not competitive enough. We unable to offer fully affordable package with the current provider. More news and update on that soon. Will be Known As

This domain is more country oriented, I don’t find it appealing for international purpose. A community board will be form under this domain and to celebrate it 1st year alive an announcement will soon to be made. Remains The Same

The URL Shortner service will be as for now and no major changes will happen to it, other then moved to a new(hopefully better) hosting to minimize the overhead.

And Lastly

This currently serves as my blog but I can see other potential in it. This blog will be moved under a subdmain( like normal people do ) and the root domain will be re-use for a wider purpose.

What will effect on these changes?

Not much, as I can see another Tor relay will be off soon (left only 2 acting as relay and another one acting as exit node). No more large storage server in my inventory (kinda sad to let go) and discontinued product in my Shopee acount.

What a change.

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