Drax and UKSRV1 – Soon To Be Decommissioned / Rocket – KIV Upgrade

Sadly to announce that Drax and UKSRV1 soon to be taken offline and decommissioned.

Drax a VPS by CheapVPS.net was acting as my back-end web server to counter the attack of the web crawler. It does give it best but along the line it crashes many time.

After giving a long thought and finding alternative use for it, I decided to decommission it soon.

Same story goes to UKSRV1, I was looking a cheap way to load balance the load of the attacks but this shared web-hosting wasn’t giving the full function as I expected. Soon to be decommissioned.

On the other note, the small host (rocket) from JustHost.ru out perform and keep surprising me. Despite small RAM (only 512MB) and Storage (only 5GB), the server proven to be reliable asset to me. I’m thinking of upgrading the network to Gigabit connection (currently running on 200MBps) and more RAM. Current utilizing more than 50% given quota.

I wish JustHost.ru can provide the upgrade for reasonable price, but other hoster do offer them for cheap with yearly subs.

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