AYIE.net – Blog Re-Brand

This blog is now running on a new brand name, “ayie.net”. I just acquire it (again for the 3rd time) after it being dropped by GoDaddy (attempt to held hostage failed for the second time fail).

The History of Ayie.net

This domain was originally registered by me way back in 2001 by Yahoo Hosting. My initial site running only 404 error message with a twist. Check it out here.

After that it’s just many episode of self running blogs (which fail(s) due to lack of financial maintenance).

The lost – for the third time

Few years back I lost the domain again because no cash to renew the yearly subs and some dude with nick [email protected] (I highly suspect it was my buy-back domain service set years before and I forgot about it) bought the domain and kept it safe for a year.

I try to recover the account but fail, all I need to do wait penitencely for the domain to expire.

Hello Expiry

After the service expired and not being renewed, GoDaddy try to generate some revenue by auction, fishing for “potential buyer”. Luckily no one bid on it.

I try to bid it on last hour but fail due to GoDaddy want me to be their auction member (paying for the member fee), my debit card do not have enough fund in it.

After the auction attempt fail, they hold it for a month and each time I ‘check” on the domain they do force you to use their broker service which will cost me RM 300+ (hell no I’m not paying for it).

The Buy Back

After a month+ GoDaddy force to delete the domain and I purchase it again today for 1 dollar, thanks to IONOS for re-registering the domain.

Check out their VPS offer here, starting as low as USD 2 you can start your own self hosted Virtual Private Server with unlimited traffic. So cheap!

This is just months of hard spying around and investigating work. I was lucky to own it again. Alhamdulillah.

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