44XX – URL Shortner

Yet another story why and how I decide to host my own URL shortner service instead of using commercial bit.ly ‘free’ service.

The Reason Why I Need an URL Shortner

  • Hide my affiliate URL links (because they are ugly and long)
  • Hide URL embedded username and password (because I don’t like preying eyes)
  • Masking un-affiliated domain (i don’t like linking to others who is not affiliated with me)
  • Static link a dynamic file for share

These are some of the reason why i need an URL shortner, I do know that i can simply achieve this with a simple .htaccess file edit but some form of GUI will ease the process of shortening an URL and analytics features is easily accessible via admin panel.

Bit.ly Do Block The Traffic

The begining of self-hosted URL Shortner started when bit.ly (the original URL shortner service I use with domain o.ayie.my) blocking my affiliate URL, somehow I am pissed but they have their rights to do what ever they want with their free service.

Me instead of arguing and whining about it, install the YOURLs script and host on my own and take matter into my own hands. The script is not CPU and memory intensive, a normal shared hosting would be sufficient to run it.

The born of go.ayie.my

Created a subdomain to go with it, kinda long and not attractive but it’s already good for me. It’s running and it’s open for public use. I can guarantee you no block what so ever will be applied (so far).

Every shorten URL will be served and it’s done the job flawlessly. All now left is a good name.

Re-born as 44xx

I lost the domain once before (44xx.net) and somehow the person who try to flip it (for profit of course) fail to do so and the domain is available again for register.

I accidentally bump onto this domain while doing random whois search, and to my surprise the domain is available. I re-register the domain, and decide to make it the official domain of the URL shortner.

Good bye go.ayie.my and hai hai to 44xx.net

Long story short this is how I got the URL shortner service running, and you are free to use. So far the allowed protocol was https and http. I will add newer protocol soon to make it more useful in the future.

Check updates and news for this service here.

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